Nearing the end

So exams are here again and we are drawing to the end of another year. PsychTeacher would like to wish everyone the very best of luck with their exams - the hard work will pay off!

There is only one year of the current style A level remaining before the newer and, it seems, harder A level format is introduced. Psychology will have an increased emphasis on maths (particularly statistics) and the scientific method. The changes will certainly be a more realistic preview of what will be expected from a psychology degree, but I cannot help worrying they will make the subject less enjoyable and achievable for a large number of 16 year olds who are genuinely interested in the subject, but who do not wish to pursue it at university. Time will tell. PsychTeacher will shortly begin working on revamping the website to fit in with the new specifications as they are released, and to do everything we can to help students study our wonderful subject.

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