Coming soon - the new Psychology A-Level

The end of an era is here! The new reformed Psychology A-Level starts to be taught in September this year, so what does this mean for students and teachers? The new A-Level will feature terminal examination. This means that any student sitting the full A-Level will need to remember everything from the previous 2 years, and as such is actually a more difficult task than the examination system universities use for degrees. AS Psychology is still available as a qualification, but sitting it at the end of the first year will not contribute in any way to the final A-Level grade. The subject content in the new AQA A-Level is rich and varied. Some of it is based on the old AS/A2 content, but some is new, and some is studied in greater depth. Overall there is a greater impetus for science and scientific Psychology, with the least scientific content of the old AS/A2 being rejected (e.g. psychodynamic psychology).